We are thrilled to announce the release of our new app, “YourChat,” designed for the conversational LLM. Over the past quarter, our team at ConstChar LLC has devoted countless hours to craft an app that combines simplicity, versatility, and user empowerment in a seamless manner.

About YourChat

YourChat is not merely a llm chat application. It’s a bridge between users and a vast ocean of AI capabilities. Built using the Flutter framework, the app offers a platform that connects to a variety of text-generation tools, allowing users to engage in fluid conversations with leading AI models, including those hosted on OpenAI.

Key Features

Multiple API Support:

OpenAI API Integration: Our app offers full compatibility with OpenAI’s API, enabling direct access to OpenAI’s conversational models.
Text Generation WebUI: With support for the Text Generation WebUI software, users can harness third-party models like Llama. This integration offers SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy services, which facilitates connections within internal networks.
lama.cpp Integration: Dive deeper into custom AI interactions with support for the lama.cpp project’s API.
GPT Compatible API: Broaden your horizons with our newest feature, supporting third-party models that are compatible with the OpenAI API structure.

Engaging Chat Experience:

Engage in seamless conversations with AI by either picking from preset prompts or by entering your custom prompts.
Context-aware chatting is crucial for meaningful interactions. YourChat retains user input, sending chat records for consistent responses from the model.
Over 170+ role-based chat prompts sourced from Awesome ChatGPT Prompts, allowing the AI to assume roles like doctors, programmers, and more for an enriched chat experience.
Subscription Link Functionality: This feature is a gem for users and AI enthusiasts. Choose services, encapsulate them in a singular public link, protected by an 8-digit passcode, which can be shared with other users for simplified API access.

Intuitive User Interface:

Hub Interface: A centralized location for all your chat or completion sessions. Beginning a new session is as easy as tapping the floating button.
Services Interface: Here, users can view and configure services they own, ensuring they have the best AI tools at their disposal.

Wrapping Up

As we roll out “YourChat,” we’re eager to see the myriad ways in which our users will leverage these tools. We believe that by providing a blend of cutting-edge technology with an accessible interface, we’re taking a significant step forward in AI-driven conversations.

Experience YourChat today and embark on a conversational journey like no other. Here’s to meaningful dialogues, learning, and growth!